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Perkins Insight. Expanded Core Curriculum

Lindsey Shapiro, Perkins Outreach Services

Photo. Lindsay Shapiro

When she comes home from one of the weekend, vacation, or summer programs at Perkins Outreach Services, Lindsey Shapiro regales her family with stories about everything she learned and all the fun she had with her new friends.

“She gets excited about all of it,” says Marlene Shapiro, Lindsey’s mother. “She loves riding horses and the water sports. They go shopping, buy the food and they cook it.”

But Marlene says the truly exciting part is how Outreach programs allow her daughter to interact with peers while learning new skills.

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Perkins Possibilities Gala
May 6, 2010
6 - 9:30 pm

2010 Perkins Possibilities Gala. Photo of a girl smiling.

Join us for music, merriment and possibility at a cocktail reception and dinner hosted at our beautiful campus. Learn more.

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NLS Accessories

Photo. NLS Cartridge

Most users of the NLS talking book program have received their new digital players. Unfortunately, there are not as many books available.

Perkins Products and the NLS program have a solution to this shortage. There are thousands of books on the BARD website just waiting to be downloaded to digital cartridges and read. We are now selling 1 and 2 gig cartridges, USB cables and mailing containers for cartridges.

A protective carrying case for the NLS player may also be purchased. Now you can take your player with you anywhere you want to read. Learn more.

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Perkins Scout  

In addition to the Core Curriculum, students with blindness or visual impairment require the Expanded Core Curriculum, with subjects unique to their needs: mastering appropriate literacy mediums, orientation & mobility skills, social interaction, leisure, and independence skills. Scout provides families and educators information on classroom subjects in both the Core and Expanded Core Curriculum for students with multiple disabilities. Check out our extensive searchable database of online resources. Start searching today.

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INSIDE STORY: Expanded Core Curriculum

Photo. Student who is deafblind counting money on a table.Every student is expected to leave high school with a strong grasp of “core” subjects like math, language arts, science, and history.

But in order to master these subjects, and to eventually live and work independently, students who are blind or visually impaired must learn an additional set of skills known as the “expanded core curriculum.” Essential life skills including social interaction, independent living, career education, and communication modes such as braille, must be taught alongside basic academics.

For a student who is blind, learning about world geography from books is not enough. That student must also learn orientation and mobility skills and practice using a white cane for safe, independent travel. The expanded core curriculum empowers students with disabilities to access their education and make their own choices throughout life.

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TAKE ACTION: Massachusetts Budget Alert

Massachusetts legislators are currently engaged in the budget process. Now is the time to make your voice heard.

Services for students with complex needs are at risk of being cut by $90 million, or 39 percent, in the fiscal 2010 budget. At the same time Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library is advocating for level funding in order to continue services for 25,000 individuals with disabilities who are unable to read traditional print.

Please email your representative today and ask them to support these critical services.

PERKINS INTERNATIONAL: Where in the World is Perkins?

Photo. Student peeling a carrot with a teacher in Indonesia.Taking an individualized approach and working within each unique culture and environment, Perkins International partners with educators around the world teaching children with disabilities the skills they will need to thrive in their communities.

“We look at the goals of education and what it means in terms of a person’s whole life being productive, being happy, and having meaningful social relationships,” says Perkins International Training Coordinator Marianne Riggio, adding that how we address expanded core curriculum varies from country to country.

“We spend time in their natural environments and we spend time in the schools. We have to learn about their ways of teaching before we can think about ways to adapt lessons for their students.”

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Progress Update: Lower School Construction

Photo. Construction Crew standing in front of the metal framePerkins and Shawmut Design and Construction are building more than facilities for students. As our exciting $30M construction and renovation project to update the 100-year-old Lower School building surges forward, we are building new ways to educate children.

March 19th marked an exciting milestone with the "topping off ceremony" to celebrate the placement of the last beam at the top of the new building. Perkins students, staff and friends joined the workmen in signing the beam before it was put into place. View our Lower School Construction Photo Gallery online to see the latest progress and learn how students are being included in this historic endeavor. You can also share your stories and memories about Lower School. Learn more.

New educational webcast released: CHARGE Syndrome: The Impact on Communication & Learning

Screenshot. Martha Majors presenting on CHARGEMartha Majors, who has worked with many children with CHARGE in the Deafblind Program at Perkins, explains the physical, sensory and neurological issues shared by many children with CHARGE and how these issues can affect their success in school. She offers guidance for educators in developing an effective educational program that will improve the emotional well-being and success in learning for students with this syndrome. Watch it now.

Racing toward a common vision

Photo. Man running, Boston Marathon Logo in foreground.

Meet the 19 fearless members of our Boston Marathon team and watch the inspiring video of a veteran marathoner who is legally blind. Find out how our work empowering individuals around the world has become his inspiration. Learn more.



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